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The hidden gems and the best products to promote and sell on Amazon are usually beyond the top 100. If you compete with the top 100 best selling products on Amazon, it would be very difficult.
But if you look for “hidden opportunities” beyond the top 100, you’ll have a higher chance of dominating it on Amazon.
And the AMA Search Analyzer can help with that.
With the new features of being able to search beyond the top 100 (thanks to the built-in proxies), the AMA Search Analyzer can search over 67,200 categories (US and UK) and help you find which products to promote or sell.
You’ll enjoy working with these set of new software from the Amasuite team because they’ve made it very easy to use (it has all the training materials that you need to build an Amazon business).
You can search for different products by keywords, or you can add your OWN list of ASINs and the product will pull all the data for it.​
The New Column Features allows you to quickly hide/unhide columns that you’d like to analyze. The columns can also be quickly moved for easy visual analysis.

Are you using Keepa, the Amazon Product Analyzer?
With the Amasuite Top Product Analyzer and the AMA Search Analyzer, you’ll be able to view your Product’s Bestseller history and performance right into the software. This is really cool because you can easily find out if this product is a best seller for a long period of time or not.


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