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Invisio Cake - Sweet Food Theme

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SHA256:     8932cb3402d9634d5ff10e3388316881c259f8950bbba434ecec9a46e557b7c8
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Analysis date:     2016-02-06 04:12:49 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

Quick review: i’ve install the theme for a client, the theme looks pretty, however it almost has not customization, and creator doesn’t support the item, actually when they released it it has an error once you activate the visual composer, them site become blank!, although they fixed it but it still has errors specially if you want to install it with woocommerce [you will get internal and json error in the checkout page when you place an order]
Note that i asked the author if it’s compatible with woocommerce and they said yes! so i went ahead and bought it for the client and i discovered it’s not which is really sucks.

Theme authors are lazy and they almost don’t update the theme (did it once) even with all of their customer are complaining about the bugs in the comments, however if a new update came i will update the thread.

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