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Version 5.4.1 StarPath (28th February 2017)

Fixed Colorpicker Issues where wrong old Color values broke the Convert process and negative influenced the Slide Editor
Fixed Scroll Below bugs
Version 5.4 StarPath (22nd February 2017)

Added Blur Effect on Ken Burn Animation. Start and End Value can be defined
Added Letter Spacing on Multiple Levels
Introducing new Layer animations: Block Animation (left,right,top,bottom)
Introducing a new Color Picker which allows to pick Alpha Values and Gradient Colors as well
Communication with ThemePunch servers now only via SSL
Added a feature to allow autoplay HTML5 Videos on Android Devices also
Added SEO follow/nofollow option to simple link actions
Added Split Animation Direction like forwards, backwards, middle to edge, edge to middle, random
Random Split Transitions will calculate on demand Random values per Splitted element
Added Split Animation Cycles to create Animation patterns on Splitted elements
Introducing new AddOn “Slicey”
Introducing new AddOn “FilmStrip”
Introducing new AddOn “Jason Posts”
Introducing new AddOn “Login Page Slider”
Introducing new AddOn “404 Page”
Introducing new AddOn “Post Featured Slider”
Added a new Option to enable/disable Desktop Swipe functions. This will allow you to enable Swipe on Mobile Devices, and still make Content Selectable on Desktop Systems
Fixed an Issue where Template Slides could not be added due the Slide Editor due some License Code issues
Fixed some GUI Issues
Slider Embed Option was not available on New WP Pages. TinyMCE Issues has been solved
Fixed Bug with Slider Alias will not save
Issues with background image url in export files has been fixed
Extended Max. Slide Time to Unlimited
Fixed Slide Timeline Bar Visual Effect on Slide Length change event
Bug fixed where “Split Out Animation” breaks none “Split In Animation” on Layers
Fixed bugs with SVG Stroke Animation / Coloring on Simple Idle, and on Idle/Hover status
Group Embeded Layer Timing issues has been fixed. Out / In Animation Time points were wrong calculated in some kind of cases




Please don’t PM for support. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS. If you have problems with the plugin, please BUY IT, then you get support from the authors

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