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The Grid - Responsive WordPress Grid 1.5.0

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A nice grid addon for a Visual Composer and Cornerstone … also works with any theme

Version 1.5.0 – March 30th, 2016



– Added compatibility from php v5.3.0
– Added default image option in Masonry style
– Added child terms in filter area if option enabled
– Added possibility to use a grid as a template to replace index.php, archive.php, search.php template and Woocommerce archive-product.php
– Added new php filters (to change the query args)
– Fixed a layout issue with horizontal layout, basic navigation and masonry style
– Fixed an issue with default image for grid/justified styles
– Fixed an issue with justified layout and missing/broken image url
– Fixed an issue with new Cornerstone API
– Fixed an issue with ajax pagination and mediaelement script
– Fixed an issue with ajax cart button (Woocommerce)
– Fixed an issue with random order and WordPress media library as post type
– Fixed minor css/js issue
– Changed cached method
– Changed method to retrieve skin css files to avoid issue with HTTP Basic Auth
– Improved loading speed

– The Grid API was completely rebuild for performance reason and flexibility
The methods to create new skins have changed. Please refer to the developer guide in order to update your skins:!/developer_guide

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