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Wordpress_Automatic_Plugin 3.22.0

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@24 Mar 2016 v3.22.0
NEW: Now the plugin can post Craigslist to wordpress
NEW: Twitter new tag item_original_link
NEW: Search and replace option for all campaign types
NEW: option to strip textual content from FB posts
NEW: option to never post same link again
NEW: New Facebook option to post images without linking to it.
Fix: added link as a possible post type to FB posts filter by type.
Fix: Microsoft second translation didn't work now fixed.
Fix: optoin don't spin the title now works with all campaign types also spintax in title
Improved: Cron now process a single campaign only for better resources usage

@10 Feb 2016 v3.21.0
New: module added so now you can post from
New: Twitter new item_embed tag
Fix: option skip posts with no image now record links with no images not to be checked again
Fix: option skip posts with no image now don't skip posts with og:image and no images in content
Fix: Fatal error when extracting content using REGEX
Fix: Keyword suggest feature now works with https

@25 January 2016 v3.20.1
Fix: Internal cron job stopped working at v3.20 now working again
Fix: Spintax now get applied only if the post contains spintax tags

@24 January 2016 v3.20.0
NEW: Instagram item_embed tag to embed instagram items directly to wordpress
NEW: Facebook post_embed tag to embed posts from facebook
NEW: Feeds option to set a specific part to a custom field
NEW: Translation option to set failed translation posts status to pending
Improved: code optimized to increase speed and lower load
Fix: Articles module rewritten to work again
Fix: Exact match/banned word bug fix
Fix: Youtube videos older than a specific date for playlists now get skipped
Fix: Feed fetch full content video fix
Fix: Feed charachter encoding fix
Fix: eBay extract full details now consider language of the localized site
Fix: eBay full image sometimes returns no images if there is no maximum resulution image now fixed</code>

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