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WP Rocket 2.7 (Updated)


New: Add sub-option to « Mobile Cache » to create a specific set of cache files for mobile visitors
    New: Add « Feed cache » option to cache default WordPress RSS feeds
    New: Add an option to replace Emojis with the default WordPress smileys - this reduces the number of external HTTP requests
    New: Add « Varnish » tab to manage Varnish purge compatibility. With this new feature, it's no longer necessary to use the Varnish HTTP Purge plugin
    New: Add « HTTPS Protocol Rewriting » option to support Flexible SSL with CloudFlare
    New: Add « Purge OPcache » link in the Admin Bar to clear Opcache if it's installed on your server
    New: Add « Don't cache page when these cookies don't exist » option by using a filter
    Improvement: LazyLoad applied on srcset attribute
    Improvement: Compatibility with « Aealia Currency Switcher », « WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget », « Age verify » and « EU Cookie Law » plugins
    Improvement: Compatibility with « Polylang 1.8+ » and « qTranslate-x » plugins
    Improvement: Compatibility with « EDD Software Licensing »
    Improvement: Auto-activate SSL Cache when home URL starts with https
    Improvement: Auto-clean the CloudFlare Domain option to leave only the domain without http:// and / at this end
    Improvement: Auto-exclude these « Give » plugin pages from the cache: Donation History, Failed Transaction and Success Transaction
    Improvement: Auto-exclude « Custom Login Page Template » plugin page from cache
    Improvement: Better compatibility with WP Engine CDN
    Bug Fix: Provide a fallback if wp_get_referrer() returns false to avoid a blank page after clicking on « Clear Cache » or « Preload Cache »
    Bug Fix: Don't load enqueued JS twice if you didn’t activate the cache for logged in users
    Bug Fix: Minification broke on multisite when subfolder name was same as theme folder name
    Bug Fix: Don't apply LazyLoad on "Avatar Upload" Buddypress page
    Bug Fix: Compatibility between JS minification and Speakerdeck and Jotform scripts
    Fix PHP Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for ../inc/front/process.php on line 220
    Fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: is_apache ../wp-rocket/wp-rocket.php on line 189


Virus Total Scan:
SHA256: 0f5569b9bcceb419bfe28dcff7fbacf581f9675773d4ae4abd0596a766abb584
File name:     WP Rocket
Detection ratio:     1 / 56
Analysis date:     2016-03-12 10:58:33 UTC ( 2 minutes ago )

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