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WP Control Copy v5.1

Control Copy (or, WPCC) (v4.98) is a content protection and copyright control suite, it can protect your content from copying it, or allow a limited copy with added text (such as copyright notice).

Control Copy gives you the power to limit the visitors abilities to copy content (text, image, video or audio (html5)) from your site. Moreover, it gives you the ability to take control over the text copy action of visitors to your site (ctrl-c/cmd-c/right-click-copy).

New in Version 5.0 : Add a custom message instead of a printed page.

Since version 4.0, WPCC comes with 3 preset protection levels, so you can quickly apply to your site. Find those Buttons in WPCC Admin Page.

WP Control Copy v5.1 - 01

Moreover, each post/page comes now with a big “Lockdown this page” Button, which allows you to Apply Lockdown settings to specific pages / posts (and source encryption).

WP Control Copy v5.1 - 02

Once you’ve set your desired protection level, you can limit WPCC only to certain sections of your site (or enable on the entire site), add additional content at the end of the copied text or give immediate feedback for the visitor. With WPCC you can :


Limit text copy to Logged In users only (Member privilege).
Disable text copy entirely.
Allow Logged in members to get a clean copy.
Limit WPCC to Posts / Pages or Site-wide.
Add custom text at the end of the copied text.
Custom Text can include : URLs, Blog Name, Author name, Year, Date, Post/Page title and more.
Add HTML to custom text. Display elegant simple alerts (feedback for visitor).
Limit WPCC to specific Posts / Pages only.
Redirect to a page of your choice or Add a notification (or Both), in case your visitor disables Javascript.
User Role Based Encapsulation, Enable WPCC Based on current logged on user role (or for all).
Image Protection : Disable image dragging and Right Click over images.
Control Image Links : Disable New Tab/Window on Links to locally hosted (or all) Images.
Disable Text Highlight. Protect against annotation services.
Disable Right Click. Make it even harder to copy content.
Disable Save Page – Which disables saving images, code and text.
Disable Print Page – With Print Page you can easily convert a page to PDF, WPCC will disable that.
Disable Print Message – Replace a page with a notification message once being printed.
Disable Browser Developer Tools
HTML5 Video/Audio Player Protection. Makes it harder to Save media from HTML5 Players.
Javascript Minification for lighter code.
Encourage Social Sharing with Share buttons on copy.
All Major Browsers, All Major OS (Mac, Windows, Linux).

Implementing WPCC is done completely through the back end in a very simple and intuitive way. By default its setup to start doing magic!

Please Note : WPCC (and no other script, for that matter), CANNOT prevent visitors from clicking on the browser’s menu buttons to see the source, dev tools or other functionality that’s available in the menus.

Salespage: http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-control-copy-protect-content-serve-copy/4289952


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